Baltimore’s National Aquarium

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The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland is an amazing venue with over 800 species and 20,000 animals hailing from the deepest depths of the world’s oceans, to the treetops of our planet’s remote rivers.

Experience dozens of unique habitats – from an Australian river gorge, to a tropical rain forest in the Amazon – in the Baltimore National Aquarium’s award-winning exhibits. Attend a dolphin training session, learn about North America’s first dolphin sanctuary created by the National Aquarium or enjoy your own private reptile encounter! There are tours, including a virtual tour providing access to the Baltimore National Aquarium’s animal care and rescue centers and even hands-on interaction with our treasures of the sea!

The National Aquarium of Baltimore also offers “4D Theater Immersion Experiences.” Put on your 3D glasses and “swim” up close and personal with sharks as they reveal their mysterious nature; or see, first-hand, how dolphins thrive and interact in their ocean playground.

The variety and beauty of the animals in the National Aquarium is unparalleled…from anemones – the beautiful sea floor “flowers”; to the Atlantic puffin and blue crowned motmot; the cardinal, clown and cowfish; the bottlenose dolphin and bonnethead shark; electric eels and emperor angelfish; giant octopus and golden lion tamarin; crocodiles and two-toed sloths; blue poison dart frogs, turtles, skates, snakes and more. 

Visiting the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland is also a safe and enjoyable experience and environment even in times when we are dealing with all of the COVID challenges.

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