Baltimore Area


Did you know that our country has its own National Aquarium? It does! It is home to marine life from all over the world and it is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore is also home to the famed Inner Harbor, a lovely historic seaport and popular tourist destination. You will also find Federal Hill at the Inner Harbor, a place offering a one-of-a-kind gorgeous view of Baltimore’s Harbor.

Another great place to visit in Baltimore is Fort McHenry, where our country successfully defended against an attack of the British Navy in the War of 1812. Speaking of the Navy, Baltimore offers a museum commemorating the U.S.S. Constellation as well as the Baltimore Maritime Museum.

If you want to visit a museum that will be a hit with the whole family, try Babe Ruth’s birthplace in Baltimore! It offers an engaging museum which is dedicated to the Great Bambino and his memorabilia.

What about Baltimore’s B&O Railroad Museum? No, we’re not playing Monopoly. This captivating museum houses the largest collection of 19th Century locomotives in the country.

The Maryland Science Center houses three levels of fascinating exhibits, including a planetarium and an Inner Harbor Observatory.

Then there is the Baltimore Museum of Art, with an internationally renowned collection of over 95,000 art objects.

Plus, you surely don’t want to miss Fell’s Point, a charming waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore peppered with antique shops and cozy coffee bars.