Weird Maryland Laws You Didn’t Know

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Hey folks! Maryland has some crazy laws that are – believe it or not – actually still in place. So, if you live in or like to visit Maryland, you may want to take a look at this unless you can rock an orange jumpsuit.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way for all the peeps who may, from time to time, have an errant slip of the tongue….You cannot swear inside the city limits of Baltimore, dagnabbit! Apparently the powers that be in Baltimore are very strict because you’re also not allowed to scour your sink no matter how dirty it gets. Ok, just let me say, “Yuck!”

In Columbia, Maryland, where – by the way – 25-foot satellite dishes ARE absolutely okey dokey, don’t you dare install an antenna on your roof. This one sounds like a cable company conspiracy to me.

No matter where you are in Maryland, it is illegal to go through a man’s pockets while he is sleeping, if you are a woman. Hey guys, don’t laugh because you men are not off the hook. A man should never buy a drink from a female bartender. 

You also should not eat while swimming in the ocean in Maryland. I have to ask, who the heck can do that without ending up with a soggy sandwich anyway?

Bet you didn’t know that if thistles are growing in your yard, you are in violation of Maryland Law. 

And never, I mean never, wear any sort of tank top in a public park. I’m guessing it may be too enticing for the rest of us to handle. Plus, no topless men on the boardwalk please, unless you are Chris Hemsworth. I added that last part. 

Although the presentation of this information has come from this writer (We wouldn’t put that on anyone!), the actual content was gleaned from a post called “Crazy Topics” written by Jamie Alvarenga in April of 2016. Thanks for the giggles Jamie!

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