Window Treatment Tips

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  • When installing shutters, consider ordering custom shutters with a break in the middle, so instead of opening and closing the entire length of your shutters, you also have the option of opening and closing just the top or bottom portion – for even more control over your lighting and ambience.
  • Believe it or not, shades can also be professionally designed for top-down or bottom-up convenience, providing the ultimate flexibility you desire.
  • If you think window coverings may not fit in a certain space because you experience limited wall space issues there, think again! Many custom window treatments can be custom fitted within the insides if your window sill confines, saving just the right amount of space.
  • For privacy, you may want fully-lined Roman shades. Plus, when yours are custom-tailored, they will fit perfectly, allowing very little light to penetrate. Add roller shades for a layered look with even more lighting control.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, if you prefer to invite as much natural light into a room as possible, valances beautifully adorn windows without blocking window panes.
  • And the best tip for window coverings is to get yours through a reputable custom window treatment firm that can provide you with the perfect fit for anything you need – from motorized blinds, to contemporary plantation-style shutters, to blackout shades, honeycomb shades, environmentally conscious window treatment options and so much more!
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