Should Window Treatments Be the Same throughout Your House

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When you opt for custom window designs from Window Expressions, they can be whatever you want them to be. There are no hard and fast rules to window design. The only rule is that YOU make the rules!

That being said, window treatments can dress a room up or down and add layers of texture and interest. So here are a few pros and cons you may want to ponder before deciding whether or not all your window treatments should appear consistent throughout your home…

Mixing and matching window coverings can break up a room, help define a room, create a certain look and feel within a room and it can be fun. You can go for long or short for elegance to informal or harness the art of light filtering to create a different ambience in different rooms.

With open floor plans, it can be nice to stick with one style of window treatment for a more consistent, less disjointed look. Plus, when you use one type of window treatment, everything will look more uniform from the street.

Then, there is the combination of those two schools of thought, which can actually provide the best of both worlds. For instance, you could place shutters or blinds across the front of your home and then add another layer of distinctive style to each room by pairing them with different curtains in different rooms.

Window Expressions can provide you with professional assistance and address any of your window treatment mixing and matching concerns.

Gary Wells

Owner of Window Expressions, Annapolis' premier custom window treatment specialist. With years of of experience in the industry, Gary takes pride in his keen eye for design and his ability to transform clients' visions into reality. He finds joy in leading a local, family-owned business committed to putting the "custom" in customer service.

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