Why Water Resistant Blinds Are Important

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Summers in Maryland can be humid and if you live by the water, any time of year can be a little damp. So, we arm our homes with sump pumps, dehumidifiers and those things you can hang in your closet to keep your clothes dry and fresh smelling. However, don’t forget your window dressings. Since they cover your windows, they are often the closest items in your home to the outdoor elements.

There’s also the issue of the portions of our homes that might be damper than others – no matter what you do. Even condensation can cause problems, so the bathroom certainly falls into that category. The kitchen, where water spills and splashes can occur, may also be a good place for water resistant blinds. 

Moisture in the home can be a whole lot more problematic than musty smelling clothes. For example, if you don’t happen to notice what unwelcome moisture is doing to your walls, floors or even your furniture and if it, subsequently, goes untreated for too long, you could have a big, unsightly, expensive mess on your hands.

That’s why water resistant blinds are a welcome addition to any home. They are cost-effective, long-lasting and low maintenance without sacrificing beauty. Window Expressions also offers other moisture resistant window coverings, such as gorgeous, contemporary plantation style shutters made from a durable composite material which is difficult to discern from natural wood. Give us a call at 410-757-5200. We’d be happy to show you samples!

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