Different Kinds of Blinds

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So, you’re thinking of adding some new blinds to your home. Did you know that blinds come in a multitude of styles and materials at Window Expressions? There are synthetic blinds, metal blinds with easy to clean, dust-resistant surfaces and chic, contemporary appeal, as well as blinds made from materials in a variety of prints, patterns and colors to complement any home décor. Or enjoy the rich earthy qualities of natural wood blinds or the durability and longevity of faux wood blinds, which are terrific for bathrooms and any other place you may have humidity concerns.

There are window blinds and door blinds, stylish Venetian blinds adorned with strips of cloth connecting horizontal slats and vertical blinds which are great for patios, sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows…any of which can be topped with valences or cornices for an added element of elegance.

Motorized blinds from Window Expressions can change the ambience within your home with the simple press a button. With complete automation requiring absolutely no muscle power, these state-of-the-art motorized shades are ideal for those of us who need a little help or those whose simply prefer to enjoy the easy life. Let the sun shine into your home at any moment you choose or close your blinds whether you are home, on the go or at work. Motorized blinds from Window Expressions can be conveniently operated via remote control, voice activation or with an app on your smartphone! 

To schedule your FREE, in-home, Window Expressions custom blind design and measurement consultation, call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200 or visit weblindsandshades.com.

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