Throw Some Shade in a Good Way!

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Want to affordably improve your home interior, easily control the lighting within your home, save money and conserve energy, all with barely lifting a finger? Well then throw some shade…all over your home!

Eliminate harsh glare and reduce exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays (Yes, those can shine through your windows and seep into your home too!) with shades. Plus, when shades block bright sun from entering your home, they also help block the heat, keeping your home cooler and your energy costs down. 

Not only will window and door shades shield your home interior from the sun, but they will also provide welcome insulation – keeping breezes and the dust they can blow in at bay. Shades also happen to be a breeze to clean! 

Shades, which can be hung on their own or in addition to curtains, can also provide a streamlined look to your window treatments.  Another amazing benefit of shades for windows and doors is privacy. Shades can help keep you safe and secure by concealing you and your belongings from prying eyes.

And with the technology available today, you might be surprised at the types of shades to be had. For instance, what could be easier than lifting a shade by making a simple manual adjustment? Operating motorized shades with a remote control! There are even solar shades which can reduce your energy costs by up to 15 percent!

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