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We all protect ourselves from harsh ultraviolet rays by slathering on sunscreen, but our homes need protection from potentially harmful UV rays as well. Did you know that ordinary glass windows in older homes offer very little protection against UV rays, and while multi-pane windows and windows coated with a UV filter are safer, the American Cancer Society actually warns against spending long amounts of time by windows receiving direct sunlight? Also not impervious to the potential harmful effects of sunlight, the same goes for your floors and furniture.

You can, however, defend your home against UV rays with the right window coverings. In fact, solar shades are specifically designed to control your interior temperature, as well as potentially dangerous UV rays within your home. The beauty of solar shades is that they provide a unique translucent quality which deters those pesky UV rays and provides continuous unencumbered views. 

Window Expressions also offers an expansive selection of window treatment options for even more dimming – from filtering to complete light blocking and privacy. An innovative example is motorized shades, which can be easily programmed to rise automatically when there are little to no UV rays and lowered when sun glare and UV rays are at their harshest. You can also angle horizontal slats upward to continue to enjoy a little natural lighting within your home, while keeping it safe from UV rays.

Additionally, there are custom window covering options – including roller shades, pleated shades, honeycomb cellular shades, vertical blinds, mini blinds, as well as shutters, curtains and drapes will help you (and everything inside your home) elude UV rays.

No matter which types you prefer, window coverings can add that vital extra layer of UV protection to our homes – just like sunscreen for our skin. Protect your home with the custom window coverings you prefer by calling Window Expressions at 410-757-5200.

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