The History of Curtains

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Curtains date back to early 3100 BC when the Ancient Egyptians placed animal hides hung from hooks in
doorways for warmth. As time progressed, so did the materials used for curtains. Flexible textiles were
spun from flax and linen and made into curtains and wool, silk and cotton soon followed.
Curtain panels used to divide rooms date back to as early as the 6 th century BC in Greece and Italy.
There’s not much proof of curtain use in The Dark Ages – although maybe there should have been, huh?
The more affluent, however, placed curtains in the windows and doorways of their castles to protect
against the elements.
Then, during The Renaissance Era, things began to brighten up for curtains. Fabrics, such as Chinese silks
with intricate designs were placed over windows for privacy and for the beautiful enhancement of
homes and buildings.
From the 20th century to present day, there have been incredible advancements in both the beauty and
technology of curtains. Today, we can choose from styles including everything from classic, to
contemporary, to casual and all that falls in between. There are sheers, blackouts, blended, lined, pocket
curtains, curtains with eyelets, tab tops and hidden tab tops, window treatments with pretty valances,
the window scarf, single and multi-paneled curtains and even motorized window treatments!
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