Hate Your Curtains? Add More Panels!

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Are you tired of your old curtains…maybe they have gone out of style or you’re just not into the color or pattern anymore? Choosing a new color or pattern for your curtain material can make any room appear more cheerful or bright. In fact, it can change the entire tenor of a room, but you don’t even have to go to that extreme. To improve the aesthetics within your home, you can simply add curtain panels!

Additional panels can come in prints that add interest to solid curtain panels or colors that add a welcome pop; and the extra material will give your window dressings a fuller, more finished, designer appeal. Add one or two. You can mix and match with prints on the inside and solids on the ends, go every other, or add another solid color panel so that your curtains are now rocking navy and white or yellow and grey…you get the idea!

Ok, so let’s talk curtain length because that also has a huge impact. You know how when you wear a longer dress, your look becomes more formal? Longer dresses can even be more flattering to your figure. The same is true with curtains! Short curtains can make your windows and even the room look smaller; while longer curtains can create an illusion of a bigger room with larger windows.

You can go three-quarter length, so your curtains end between the sill and the floor, hang them just a smidge above the floor or grazing the floor or, if you are working with curtains that are crafted from fluid, lush material, you can even make them pool on the floor for an unbelievably elegant look. You make the rules.

Don’t forget the accessories. The sky’s the limit (or at least the ceiling is). Add sheers, beautiful curtain rods and rings or an elegant valance or cornice. Whatever you decide, you can fill all your window treatment needs at Window Expressions.


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