Spring Cleaning Your Window Dressings

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It feels so good when you finish your spring cleaning, doesn’t it? The cabinets and appliances glisten, the house smells incredibly fresh and everything just looks bright and new.  While it might be easy to forget your window coverings during your spring cleaning, it’s much better if you remember to make them part of the process. 

Keeping your window treatments free from dirt and dust build-up can protect them from permanent damage and leave your home looking sparkly (You may actually be surprised at the difference it can make!), not to mention the fact that you are maintaining a healthier environment for those you love.

The good news is that window treatments don’t need a deep cleaning very often. For hard window treatments, such as shutters and certain blinds and shades, you can use a dry sponge for spot cleaning. Louvers can be dusted, working your way down from top to bottom, with a microfiber cloth or even an old (clean) sock. A soft toothbrush can help you rid any hard to reach corners of lint.

Wet, deeper cleaning differs for different materials. For instance, you can dampen your microfiber cloth with furniture polish before dusting to remove sticky build-up on wooden shutters. A gentle way to clean other types of hard window coverings is to dampen your cloth with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water.

Softer window treatments can be dusted as part of your normal housekeeping process with a gentle brushing. For deeper cleaning, many sheers, curtains and draperies can be dry cleaned.

To be safe, you should always follow your manufacturer instructions; and if you are a Window Expressions custom window treatment customer, you can always reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team with any questions you may have.

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