Need Something to Make You Smile?

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Not only can custom window treatments from Window Expressions let just the right amount of sunshine in to boost your mood and increase levels of vitamin D, which can improve health in all sorts of ways; window coverings that perfectly fit your windows or doors as well as your lifestyle can add beauty and comfort to your home, save energy (benefitting both the planet and your wallet), and are an inspiring way to give your home an affordable refresher. Now that is certainly something to make you smile.

Custom window treatments may sound fancy (and of course they can be), but they are also a very cost-effective way to give your home a welcome facelift; and the options are endless. For instance, you can add elegance to your dining area with draperies custom-tailored from luxurious fabrics that pool at the floor, brighten your kitchen or child’s room with colorful curtains, make your living room or office cozier with natural wood blinds, enjoy the extra hours of sleep that only blackout curtains can provide and even cover your sliding doors with aluminum shutters for a chic, contemporary look.

Got a window that is far from the standard size and shape? That is no problem either with custom window coverings from Window Expressions…and when you have an expert installation, your home will present a flawless appearance and your utility bill will look pretty good too!

When a room appears tired and out of date, custom window treatments can be just what is called for to liven things up, and the material choices of Window Expressions window coverings are just as expansive as its styles. Choose from real wood, durable composites, environmentally-friendly options, modern metals, a wide array of stain choices and paint colors, as well as curtains and draperies in a vast amount of patterns and hues.

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