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Shutters are a window design treatment that can work well in living rooms, recreational rooms, offices, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more! They are a lovely traditional window covering option that will stand the test of time; and, with Window Expressions, shutters can be custom crafted to fit any window in your home or place of business.

Shutters can efficiently control light and ambience, ensure privacy and safety, and even insulate rooms that tend to be hotter or colder than others. They can add to the character of your home or office. Louvers adjusted to reflect light onto your ceiling can give a room a lighter feel. Composite shutters can provide durability in bathrooms; and shutters can beautifully shade porches from harsh sun glare and bedrooms from street lights at night. 

Exceptional shutter trends include everything from a natural, neutral finish, to striking black shutters with modern hardware, such as gold or brushed nickel pull knobs for a contemporary appeal. Plus, light entering a window framed by black shutters can provide a stunning contrast.

You can also frame shutters with drapes for a softer feel. Curtains surrounding shutters adorning the lower half of a window add a wonderful café-style touch to your kitchen or breakfast nook. Mixing and matching shutters can also apply to wallpaper, adding vibrant colors and beautiful blends.

Just contact Window Expressions to schedule your free, in-home shutter consultation to choose the fit and finish you prefer!

Gary Wells

Owner of Window Expressions, Annapolis' premier custom window treatment specialist. With years of of experience in the industry, Gary takes pride in his keen eye for design and his ability to transform clients' visions into reality. He finds joy in leading a local, family-owned business committed to putting the "custom" in customer service.

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