Curtains and Modern Plantation Shutters

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Modern plantation shutters are an exceptional way to help you let in as much or as little light as you choose, as well as ensure privacy; and the added beauty of these attractive window coverings is that, today, they are made of durable materials. You can get them in natural woods, but you can also opt for modern plantation shutters in faux materials with wood grain so gorgeous, anyone would be hard pressed to tell them apart from the real thing! This sturdy shutter solution makes them perfect for anywhere in the house, including more moisture prone places like bathrooms.

Modern plantation shutters are also versatile. They can be open all the way or tilted a little or a lot. They can even be split to offer different lighting solutions and looks. Open just the top tier or bottom tier to temper your lighting with a trendy cafe appeal.

This up-to-date shutter option can also provide uniformity from the street, yet each room can have an individually tailored feel when you add curtains. Want whimsical cartoon animals in your three-year-old son’s room or a frilly purple style for your ten-year-old daughter? Want your master bedroom to look like it jumped off a page in a magazine? Curtains framing your plantation shutters can do all that and more!

Curtains can also help you dress a room up or down. Luxurious, heavier fabrics in rich colors make dining rooms formal, while lighter and brighter can come off as casual.

Plantation shutters and curtains…the best of both worlds….and a trifecta win if they are custom crafted by Window Expressions!

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