Pros and Cons of Sunshine in Your Windows

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Sunshine can be lovely; and when it shimmers through your windows, it can make everything more cheery. It can even warm the kitchen alcove in which you are enjoying your tea. When the sun shines in your windows, it can brighten your entire home, reducing your need for and cost of artificial light; and when it is cold outside, it may even reduce the cost to heat your home.

Conversely, when it’s hot outside and you have those hot rays of sunshine streaming in, that’s a game-changer. Sunshine in your windows can bump up the indoor temperature and, subsequently, cost you more money to cool your home. Plus, sun shining brightly upon your windows can highlight every little speck of dirt and smudge and create unwanted glare – like on the screen when you are watching your favorite television show.

Whether you are a fan of blinds, shades, shutters or curtains open or closed or if you like both (as most of us do), Window Expressions has something for everyone. Choose from custom blinds made of natural wood, modern metals and durable manufactured materials; custom roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades – which can operate by wand, cord or motorized with remote control for optimal ease; custom shutters that provide timeless appeal; and custom curtains and draperies in all types and fabrics, plus custom top treatments including elegant cornice boxes.

All of the Window Expressions window treatments are designed for ultimate style and ease and add an extra level of cost-saving energy efficiency. To find out more or for a free, in-home, custom window treatment design consultation and to receive 10% off your purchase, call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200…and let the sun shine in…or not.

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