Let the Sunshine in!

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Hey there, Sunshine! In the wake of the pandemic, we are all looking for ways to stay healthy. Did you know that sunlight can help protect us against disease, maintain bone health and even fight depression and weight gain? 

Yep, the sun aids the body in vitamin D production, which helps boost our immune systems, keep bones healthy to ward off osteoporosis and unnecessary stress fractures and improve our resistance to certain diseases such as heart disease and multiple sclerosis. It is also a formidable combatant against the flu and the general malaise that can accompany vitamin D deficiency.

Looking for an innovative, beautiful way to let that sunshine in? Window Expressions custom window treatments are a shining example of how you can do exactly that! Choose from shutters or blinds in gorgeous natural wood, contemporary metallic, unique materials such as bamboo or, if you’d like to protect the environment while you let the sun shine in, sustainable resources. There are custom draperies in a varied selection of gorgeous fabrics, and custom shades from Roman to honeycomb.

Window Expression can even install motorized blinds so that you can let the sun shine in at any moment you choose or close your blinds for privacy and security, and it can all be done remotely through your smartphone even if you are at work or out running errands! You can also operate motorized blinds with a remote control which is an excellent convenience and can be especially handy for seniors.

If you’d like to shine a little more light on things, simply call 410-757-5200 to schedule your personal, FREE, in-home consultation with one of our professional Window Expressions designers.

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