How to Correctly Measure Windows

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Measuring your windows is a pretty simple process, but it must be exact and you need to always place width before height when recording any measurements. There are three steps to window measuring:

To get your horizontal window measurement, measure three times from each window jamb; across the top, across the bottom and across the middle. Then record your smallest measurement. This is your width.

Do the same to acquire your vertical measurement, measuring your window vertically from top to bottom on the left, on the right and in the middle – from the top jamb to the windowsill. Then record the smallest measurement. This is your height.

Finally, you need to tackle your window depth. For this, open your window and measure from the outside edge of the window frame to the edge inside the frame. Once again take your window measurements in several locations including the top, bottom and middle. Record the smallest measurement.

If you feel more comfortable measuring your windows yourself and providing those measurements to the Window Expressions window installation experts, by all means, feel free to do exactly that. Or you can simply trust anyone on our team of highly trained window professionals to measure your windows for you. If you choose the latter option, your window measurements will be 100 percent guaranteed for accuracy.

Remember, when it comes to window treatments and dressings, no one can measure up to Window Expressions! 

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