Measure Twice or Let Us Measure for You

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As your mom (and most likely your third grade teacher) used to say, you should always check your work twice just to be safe. This old adage definitely applies to measuring your windows for blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and more because, let’s face it, ill-fitting window treatments can be quite a conundrum. 

Yep, measuring twice is definitely nice. If you don’t measure your windows properly when ordering window treatments, improper measurements could result in blinds, shades or shutters that fail to operate correctly, curtains and sheers that are too short, light filtering in when and where you don’t want it, as well as hot or cold air sneaking into your home and creating higher energy bills. Who needs any of that mess, am I right?

If exact measuring makes you want to break out in hives, don’t worry. We have the answer (the correct one, if any third grade teachers are reading). The window solutions experts at Window Expressions in Annapolis, Maryland, would be more than happy to come out free of charge and at your convenience to measure everything for you. If we come out and provide measurements for your Window Expressions window covering order, you can also rest assured that everything will be absolutely perfect because our measurements are 100 percent guaranteed!

Plus, our window measurements come with a personal, in-home window covering consultation, which includes a wide array of samples to peruse, helpful suggestions and information about anything you want to know…as it relates to window coverings, of course!

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