Custom Made Draperies Just for You

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Some of us like chocolate. Some like vanilla, but there is so much more to it than that…For instance, some of us like to jack up our trucks with huge tires sporting custom rims. While others may be more refined, preferring to add custom details to the sleek lines of a Maserati. When it comes to our homes, we can enjoy items such as custom furniture, cabinets and countertops, but did you know that you can get custom draperies too?

Yes, and custom draperies are not only way cheaper than a Maserati, they can provide the perfect accents to your décor.  You can match your décor with fabrics in the same patterns and colors; or you can mix and match. Say, you have a couch in a lovely blue and green check, paisley or floral pattern. You can pair drapes in the same colors by placing side-by-side draperies in solid green and blue. With custom draperies, you also can accent your furniture fabrics with drapes in matching fabric or choose a fabric pattern that beautifully accents your existing furniture material.

Plus, custom window treatments are far easier and more affordable than you might think when you use the custom window treatment services by Window Expressions. Simply call Window Expressions at (410) 507-4195 to schedule your FREE in-home custom drapery consultation. Our experienced, friendly custom window treatment professionals will bring samples for you to browse, help you make the best, informed decisions for you and provide guaranteed window measurements while they are visiting your home.

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