Window Treatments Are the Jewelry of the Home

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The Hope Diamond, the Crown Jewels of England, the jade in China and the lapis lazuli of Ancient Egypt…all beautiful in their own right and even more so when specifically tailored to their owner. Window dressings are the jewelry of the home, adorning our windows with all the style and grace we desire…and the custom window designs from Window Expressions make them even more distinctive.

Window dressings are a focal point within a room, usually eye level and drawing the attention of everyone who enters. First impressions are lasting, and that sentiment has never been more true than with the style and comfort that professional window design can provide.

Window Expressions window treatments come in the form of blinds crafted from rich woods, contemporary metals, eco-friendly resources, durable materials and luxurious fabrics. They denote elegance in formal dining areas and reflect the taste of their owners.

And window designs by Window Expressions are custom tailored to suit the individual needs of every client in every area of every home. They can be motorized and operated remotely for the ultimate convenience; they can defend against potentially hazardous ultraviolet rays yet showcase gorgeous views; and they can provide privacy and security at every level.

Unlike their mineral brethren the window dressings from Window Expressions offer a few more tiers of beauty – those of ease and affordability. Simply call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200 to schedule your free, personal, in-home design consultation. 

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