Why Choose Roman Shades

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Looking for a beautiful window covering that offers versatility and is customizable and easy to use?
Roman shades are all of the above and more.
The Roman shade journey has been a fascinating one. It is believed that these now very appealing
draping folds of fabric started out as merely damp towels hung in Roman windows to keep out dust.
Roman shades later evolved into the shade coverings used for spectators in the top stands of the
Coliseum, and finally resulted in the stylish choice for contemporary homes that we enjoy today.
Roman shades offer soft drapes which lift, using a pull cord, into crisp folds; and they come in a wide
array of options – from gorgeous, thinner sheer fabric with fine detailing, to a heavier, tighter weave for
more durability. There are also many mounting choices, including within the window frame, on top of
the window and with a significant overlap on the sides to eliminate light leaks. Roman shades offer
plenty of options for light filtering as well, including blackout liners that lend themselves well to
They also come in four types. There is the standard flat fold which offers simple, contemporary appeal; a
plain fold, which adds a bit more texture and body; a softer, rounder fold; and what they refer to as the
European fold, which drapes into a natural, soft curve.
Roman shades are also a good investment because they offer timeless beauty that never goes out of
style; and you can choose from lush fabrics and textures that will make your window treatments look
expensive even though they are not.

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