What Are Cornices?

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Looking to add a splash or color or texture to your home in a distinctive and stunning way? Consider adding cornices.

Cornices are decorative moldings which can be placed over windows and doors. First used in ancient Rome and Greece, they were originally designed for exterior use – providing ornamental decoration as well as acting in a functional capacity to redirect rainwater. 

Over the years, the purpose and decorative nature of cornices have morphed into the exquisite window accessory they are today. At Window Expressions, cornices are custom crafted to offer versatility and to match any home or room style.

Window Expressions custom cornices come in a multitude of shapes and designs – one or more of which is sure to suit your particular taste. There are traditional classic wooden options, reminiscent of Victorian style. These wooden or composite cornices can be stained or painted in a wide array of colors. Cornices can also be upholstered in fabrics to match any décor, creating a cozy, comfortable appeal. There are even sleek, contemporary cornices that beautifully accent any minimalist style. 

Custom cornices from Window Expressions will enable you to make your own unique interior style statement. So whether you are thinking of framing your windows or doors with the unique artistry that only custom cornices can provide, call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200 today. Don’t forget to ask for 10% off your purchase while you are scheduling your free, in-home, personal design consultation!


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