We’ll Text You! Window Expressions Offers a Messaging Feature on Our Website

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We’ve upped our game when it comes to technology. We stream our movies. We can monitor our health with watches. We can adjust the temperature of our homes from our offices. Heck, we can even close our garage doors (and our blinds if we happen to have some motorized blinds from Window Expressions) if we think we might have forgotten when we left the house. Best of all, we can use our phones to make everything in our lives more convenient, from researching our take-out dinner choice to actually ordering that dinner online. 

So, why aren’t we at the point where we can simply get access to whatever we want with the touch of a button? Shouldn’t we just be able to text whenever we want something? When it comes to Window Expressions, you can!

Check it out! Simply go to our website and voila! There is a text icon at the bottom right of the screen. When you click on it, you simply need to enter your name, cell phone number, your message and hit enter; and someone from the friendly, knowledgeable, competent Window Expressions customer service team will text you back shortly. 

How’s that for convenience? I know, right? Window Expressions can also make things even more convenient with a free, in-home, in-office or onboard your boat personal window covering consultation with one of our professional window design stylists. We can provide you with guaranteed measurements while we are there as well. Just text us to schedule yours today!

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