Vertical or Horizontal?

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When it comes to blinds, both vertical and horizontal can be beautiful choices. They both come in a wide array of colors and materials and, with the precise measuring and mounting of a custom fit provided by Window Expressions, they will provide exactly the look you desire. Each, however, has its own appeal…

Vertical blinds typically hang from a rail which is mounted to a track with a wand or pulley system (unless they are motorized) put in place for the purpose of opening and closing them. With larger slats which can cover a larger area than horizontal blinds and the fact that when they are open, they take up more space on one end, they tend to be a better fit for large windows.  Their vertical slats fit perfectly flush, adeptly blocking sunlight; and, since vertical blinds tend to be larger, they are easy to clean. Additionally, their individual mounts make them simple to replace and repair.

In contrast, horizontal blinds are an excellent option for smaller windows, allowing the exposure of the entire length of your window surface when they are rolled up – making the most of your window space. Horizontal blinds will also block the view into your home, but allow a bit of light to enter from the edges. So if you like a little light with your privacy, horizontal blinds are the way to go.

The good news is that whatever window covering style, shape or size, you can get the custom window treatment to fit your needs at Window Expressions.

Gary Wells

Owner of Window Expressions, Annapolis' premier custom window treatment specialist. With years of of experience in the industry, Gary takes pride in his keen eye for design and his ability to transform clients' visions into reality. He finds joy in leading a local, family-owned business committed to putting the "custom" in customer service.

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