United Naval Academy Museum

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The Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis, Maryland is a public maritime museum and a wonderfully memorable way to spend any day. This engaging, educational and captivating tribute to the past combines amazing historical artifacts, videography and art to convey the stories of the men and women who have bravely protected our country at sea. Over two floors alone are filled with exhibits dedicated to the development of seapower and the United States Navy, as well as the role of the United States Naval Academy in grooming some of the most decorated officers in the United States Marine Corp. 

The United State Naval Academy Museum’s long and storied past is grandly showcased within the Naval Academy premises at Preble Hall; and in addition to interesting exhibits, the United States Naval Academy Museum offers a fascinating lecture series and a weekly podcast and video series called “History of the Navy in 100 Objects” and the Preble Hall Podcast, which features stimulating interviews covering topics from ancient naval history to the current naval events that affect our lives every day.

Pre-Covid, the United States Naval Academy Museum welcomed well over 100,000 delighted visitors from around the world year after year. Currently, due to the pandemic, unfortunately access to the Yard is limited and the museum is temporarily closed, but interested parties can check the United States Naval Academy Museum website for updates on available tours.

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