The James Brice House in Annapolis, Maryland

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Ever keep meticulous records during a home project or at least wish you did? It really is a good idea for so many reasons. However, whether we are exceptional record-keepers or not, apparently James Brice put us all to shame.

James Brice, who was Mayor of Annapolis from 1782 to 1783 and from 1787 to 1888, as well as acting Governor of Maryland in 1792, kept extensive documentation during the construction of his home. Few other fine homes built in the Colonial American Era, aside from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, are known to still have such meticulous records in existence. 

The James Brice House is a Georgian-style mansion which was skillfully crafted with slave labor; and its impressive scale, brickwork and elaborate interior make it one of Annapolis’ most unique and treasured historic homes. Purchased by St. John’s College in the 1920s for faculty housing, the James Brice House was sold once again and renovated from 1953 to 1957. To this day, the James Brice House remains intact with all of its original plaster, glass, woodworking and floors.

Plus here’s an interesting fact for those who like a spooky twist. An archeological excavation of the James Brice House, which is located in haunted historic Annapolis, was said to have uncovered evidence of hoodoo that was practiced there by its African slaves. 

Just an aside, the window sashes themselves within the James Brice House are remarkable, with nine over nine sashes on the main floor and six over nine sashes on the upper floors. If you would like window design that is just as remarkable, Window Expressions serves the Annapolis area in remarkable fashion.

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