Spending More Time at Home? Why Not Improve Your Surroundings?

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You know how you feel better when you go to the beach and you’re surrounded by warm white sand,
glistening water and a gorgeous view that seems to span for miles; and how exhilarating it can feel to
view a powerful waterfall or an eagle take flight? It would definitely seem that our surroundings play an
integral part in shaping our frame of mind.
So, if you’re bored to tears and you’re pretty sure you will tear your hair out if you break up one more
sibling skirmish…in other words, you’re spending more time at home due to Covid-19; it may be a good
idea to boost your spirits and enhance your mood by improving your surroundings.
One effective and affordable way to improve your home interior is with custom window treatments.
Window treatments can alter the lighting to create the exact atmosphere you desire in every room and
they come in a variety of types and materials to suit any taste or style. There are blinds made of natural
wood, modern metals and durable manufactured materials. There are roller shades, Roman shades,
cellular shades – which can operate by wand, cord or motorized with remote control for optimal ease.
Shutters come in a variety of materials as well, hold timeless appeal and can even give your home a
higher perceived value. Then, of course, there are curtains and draperies in all types and fabrics, plus top
treatments including elegant cornice boxes.
All are designed for ultimate style and ease and add an extra level of cost-saving energy efficiency,
which is also welcome in these trying times. To find out more or for a free, in-home, custom window
treatment design consultation and 10% off your purchase, call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200.

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