Shutters Aren’t Just for Hurricanes

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Shutters can make the exterior of cottage homes appear even more adorable. They can protect us from hurricanes and hurricane shutters can even lower our homeowners’ insurance; but shutters are so much more than that.

Shutters have become an interior design staple that makes homes cozy; and they can create an intimate, appealing atmosphere like no other interior design element. Shutters are so cute on windows above built-in bench seats and in breakfast nooks. They can make kitchens charming, recreation rooms seem comfortable and inviting, dining rooms feel more intimate and bedrooms snug. 

Shutters are also remarkably versatile. The way you choose to present your shutters can range from placing them on the bottom half of your bathroom windows for privacy, to leaving them slightly ajar for added aesthetic appeal. You can place your shutters on both the bottom and top of your windows, opening portions or all of your shutters as you wish for better lighting control. You can even frame your shutters with colorful curtains that complement the rest of any room’s décor. 

Shutters can be stained, left natural or painted, come in a variety of materials; and, with custom shutters from Window Expressions, your shutters can be any of the above and in any size you need! Just call Window Expressions at 410-757-5200 to schedule your free, personal, in-home window design consultation to add shutters and all of their coziness and beauty.

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