Show Stopping Window Covering Ideas!

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You’ve probably noticed home interior design scene stealers, like gorgeous granite countertops or one-of-a-kind furniture finds, but the textures, colors and styles that window treatments possess can provide them with their own unique ability to steal the show.

Take, for instance, café-style curtains, which adorn just the lower portions of window panes, leaving the view from your top pane unobstructed. This curtain style is a lovely choice for kitchens and breakfast nooks.

Layering patterns and color is another styling technique used by interior designers to add dimension to a room. This can be achieved with neutral blinds framed with curtains in a pattern or color to accent your décor.

If you’re going for a clean, minimalist look, consider boldly printed Roman shades against monotone walls. For timeless appeal, try top curtains in a colorful print on window frames painted in a color to match. There are also mini printed curtains for tiny windows and a cozy feel or elevate your space with breezy, white, lightweight curtains or sheers.

Blinds crafted from woven textiles can also provide a neutral elegance against stark white walls or transform a formal room into a more comfortable one by replacing floor-length drapes with mid-length drapes…much like a full length skirt versus a skirt just below the knee. Or, do the opposite and add drama to an otherwise casual kitchen with floor-length curtains. You can even use lower cabinet curtains in place of cabinet doors.

With custom window coverings from Window Expressions, you can make sterile spaces softer, small rooms appear larger and even change the temperature and the entire ambience of your home.


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