Shades, Blinds and Shutters: What’s the Difference?

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When attempting to determine which might be the perfect window treatment for you, an excellent first
step is to arm yourself with as much information as you can so that you may take a closer look at all of
your options. For instance, do you know the difference between shades, blinds and shutters?
A shade is typically one piece of material that covers a window. Window shades can be drawn up and
down on a continuous roll that works on a spring device and they can be a very appealing addition to
any home interior. The wide array of shade style options include honeycomb, roller, solar, Roman,
cellular, woven and wool and they come in a beautiful variety of materials and colors.
Blinds have slats, which are also called louvres. These louvres tumble downward as you lower them and
they can rotate back and forth to control the amount of light and privacy you prefer. Blinds come in a
variety of materials and styles – including traditional, classic, modern and more – to match virtually any
Although shutters can often be found on the exterior of houses, they are also a wonderful addition the
interior of any home. Shutters are often mistakenly referred to as blinds because they include louvres as
well, but shutters are a different animal. Shutters are actually a stationary set of blinds with a rod
attached for slot rotation. Shutters can also include a locking mechanism to keep them shut and they
offer a variety of options including rich natural woods, durable faux wood and contemporary metals.

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