Popular Color Predictions for 2023 Interior Design

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My friends, home interior design experts have spoken and you are in for a pleasant surprise, because it seems as if the long (and can I say boring?) reign of neutral colors is over. Predictions for 2023 include bold colors and playful tones from the warmer side of the color spectrum. Additionally, according to design experts, the trend isn’t just a shift toward colors that pop, it is using those colors in more creative ways.

For instance, curtains and drapes, like pillows and throws, can be used to accessorize a room. So be daring and choose your window covering colors with gusto. Layer shades of vibrant reds and the deepest blues. Magenta can even be used to bump up bland palettes; and if you’re not quite there, blush is warm and inviting. This year, terracotta and copper are also expected to make a big show; and greens lean more toward chartreuse than forest.

Enhancing our surroundings can be remarkably uplifting. So tap your adventurous side to creatively express your style through window treatments. Call Window Expressions today to schedule your free, in-home window covering design consultation. At your convenience, someone from our professional window design team will bring you samples and provide you with on-the-spot measurements that are 100% guaranteed!

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