Meeting the Needs of Everyone in Your Home with Window Expressions

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Window coverings don’t have to be the same ho-hum curtains from back in the day. With Window Expressions custom window treatments, you can outfit your home in the beauty and comfort you crave to meet all the specific needs for everyone in it!

Have a teenager who you’d like to soundproof or a shift-worker who needs their sleep? Blackout shades are a perfect addition for a cozy bedroom.

Would you like the added privacy and durability of bottom pane shutters for the guest bathroom where all your pool partiers change into their swimsuits?

How about fun, frilly curtains for your little princess in her playroom or the sophistication of color-coordinated drapes with ethereal sheers and elegant cornices for your formal dining area?

In the office, accommodate your techy passions with contemporary motorized blinds you can operate with the touch of a button on a remote control or with an app on your smartphone.

Add custom tailored blinds for a flawless fit on those sliding doors in your living room and lovely mix and match cafe style shutters framed with curtains that match the culinary motif in your kitchen.

There’s so much more because, let’s face it, you can do just about anything you want when your window treatments are custom! To learn more about all of the Window Expressions offerings or to schedule a free, in-home or office consultation, just call 410-757-5200.