Let Window Expressions Color Your World!

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When it comes to custom window treatments, what color you choose depends on what you want to accomplish. Your main objective may be to catch the eye and make an impact or you may intend a more subtle approach.

Either way, you can change the entire appearance of a room by introducing certain colors and patterns; or not.  Let’s give you an example…Gray couches are very trendy right now. So, for instance, colors that are lovely with gray are different shades of blue – like navy or a soft, sky blue; yellow for a bright burst of cheer; red for a bold statement or black is even nice if you are going for a stark, minimalist approach. Zebra prints and other striped black and white prints are very striking, while florals will create a softer feel.

However, maybe what you have in mind is drapery that will stand the test of time, something neutral that more closely matches your furniture and can be embellished with pillows or wall art or trinkets that add pops of color or style. In this case, you want to go with white, off-whites, creams, beiges, taupe, grays or some other innocuous colors in muted tones.

Just like the amazing array of colors in the spectrum, Window Expressions offers an expansive spectrum of custom window treatments in all kinds of colors and patterns. Let Window Expressions put some color in your world!

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