It’s All about Your Style

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Style has existed in every aspect of our lives since we were granted choices. Take architecture, for
instance…from the rounded arches of 10 th century Romanesque and paired columns of Baroque, to Art
Deco, Victorian and then the more simplistic contemporary style of the 21 st Century.
Style affects our hair – from bouffant to Brazilian blowout, pixies, pink and everything in between; our
cars – from classic muscle to compact Prius; and our fashion – from the billowing scarves, go-go boots
and flower power of hippies, to the crisply pressed collars, ties and tailored suits of Wall Street.
And then there’s our home décor. We can choose to surround ourselves with bold, brash colors or soft,
muted tones. There are the elaborate moldings and rich woods of traditional, the white wash and pale
palettes of shabby-chic, the raw utilitarian textures of industrial, open contemporary floorplans, light
and breezy beachy and so much more.
The cool thing is that we can make our home into whatever we love most with furnishings, colors and
more. Consider your window treatments. They can make a big style statement too; and Window
Expressions has a variety of options suited to any style imaginable.
Transform your home with light. Discover the art of layered windows. Fully dress your home with artful
accents. Choose from vertical and horizontal blinds, pleated and honeycomb shades, shutters in
contemporary metals and durable composites and absolutely gorgeous drapery and sheers. Add warmth
to match your personality and do it all from the comfort of your home. Just call Window Expressions at
410-757-5200 for your own in-home window design consultation to view our suite of products.

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