Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

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Maybe it’s clean and decorated and maybe the scent of gingerbread fills the air, but is your home truly ready for the holidays? When guests visit, that’s the time you want your home to be as inviting, comfortable and as pleasing to the eye as possible. One easy and surprisingly affordable way to do that is with custom window treatments from Window Expressions.

Window treatments can help you create the perfect ambience. Shades, blind, shutters and curtains of every size and style can ensure that you let just the right amount of light in to make your holidays bright, and eliminate any glare so that your guests are comfortable. Window décor can also add an exquisite interior design element that is unique to your own lovely sense of style.

Shutters with rich natural wood grains can add warmth to your sitting room; honeycomb blinds framed in curtains in the color and pattern of your choosing can perfectly accent your sunroom; plush draperies made from luxurious materials can add a bit of panache to your dining area, motorized aluminum blinds can add a sleek contemporary feel to Christmas breakfast in your kitchen and Roman shades can produce the perfect amount of privacy for your bedrooms and baths. 

Those, my friends, are only a few of the ways that window treatments can beautify and add comfort to your home; and when they come custom from Window Expressions, you can be certain that they will fit any door or window to beautifully embellish any room.

Gary Wells

Owner of Window Expressions, Annapolis' premier custom window treatment specialist. With years of of experience in the industry, Gary takes pride in his keen eye for design and his ability to transform clients' visions into reality. He finds joy in leading a local, family-owned business committed to putting the "custom" in customer service.

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