Increase the Value of Your Home With Window Treatments

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Window coverings, such as shutters, can make a room feel cozy, drapes in velvety fabrics can make dining rooms more formal and curtains in cheerful colors can make kitchens and children’s bedrooms bright and airy; but did you know that window treatments can also actually increase the value of your home?

As all of the goods and services we use keep going up and up in price, window coverings remain an exceptionally cost-effective addition to your home that can not only add beauty, they can add value. Take, for instance, energy-efficient window treatments, which help keep rising utility costs down; and aside from keeping hot or cold air inside or out, window coverings can also help insulate your home from sound.

Then, of course, there is home staging. When a potential home buyer enters your house and they are swathed in the natural beauty of plantation shutters crafted from rich wood or color- and pattern-coordinated custom drapes and curtains that create a beautiful cohesiveness within your interior design (which are, by the way, surprisingly affordable); they are more apt to leave with a positive impression and, subsequently, even more inclined to make an offer…quite possibly a higher offer than they might have made if you didn’t have custom window treatments.

Plus, I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but property listings also sometimes include the fact that a home comes equipped with motorized blinds or shades, which are definitely a coveted amenity for seniors who could use things a little easier and techies who love the latest conveniences on the market.

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