Improve Your Home Security with Window Coverings

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Christmas is coming and, sadly, you can’t be too careful. Imagine returning home from a festive holiday party to find all of the gifts under your tree gone….and all of the care, thought and money you invested wasted. Yep, that Christmas tree you can see through your large front window can make all the presents nestled under it an easy target for thieves.

We all know that posting Thor outside your home (for more reasons than one) or, more realistically, a reliable alarm system would help make our homes more secure, but did you know that window coverings can also help? If you were a thief, why not make things as simple as possible by choosing the house you can clearly see into, right?

Aside from the fact that window dressings can keep the outside world from seeing inside your home and ensure your privacy in the bathroom, bedroom and throughout your house, motorized blinds and shades can do even more. They can be programmed to open and close when you choose – fooling would-be thieves into thinking you might be home when you aren’t or, at the very least, making it very difficult to tell.

To learn more about improving the safety of those within your home with custom window coverings, call 410-757-5200 to reach the window covering professionals at Window Expressions.


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