How to Clean Your Curtains

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It is especially important in this day and age of deep cleaning to be assured that your curtains – like everything else in your home or place of business – are free of germs. Curtains can also accumulate a build-up of dust, allergens and can even absorb smells. That is why it is smart to add your curtains to your regular cleaning routine.

There are several ways to keep your curtains clean. First and most simply, on a weekly basis, it is a good idea to remove your curtains from their rods, take them outside and shake them free of dust. Another great dust removal method is to place them in your dryer for no longer than five minutes on a no-heat, fluff setting. 

You can also vacuum your curtains to clean them. Using a hose attachment with a soft brush, simply work from top to bottom (handling delicate fabrics more gently) and don’t forget the backs. Although you can dust your curtains with a duster, this is not a very effective method of curtain cleaning. 

For a more thorough cleaning, curtains should be washed. However, be careful to note any washing instructions. Certain more delicate fabrics such as linens, laces and silks are dry clean only. More sturdy fabrics can be machine washed or washed by hand. It is also important to note that although all curtains typically wrinkle when washed, they should be hung up immediately to avoid as much wrinkling as possible. Then they should be ironed while they are still just a little damp.

You can also steam clean your curtains, with the exception of dry clean only curtains.

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