How Different Window Treatments Can Alter the Feel in Different Rooms

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Just as a black sequined jacket can dress up an ordinary work dress for a night on the town, a navy peacoat can add a touch of tailored style to a wintery walk and a soft leather bomber jacket can make a solid casual fashion statement, window treatments can dress the interior of your home up or down – completely altering the look and feel in different rooms.

The style you choose for your window treatments make a big difference. Floor-length drapes are formal. Curtains offer a breezy, relaxed feel. While blinds and shades can lift into a neat roll or stack to achieve a minimalist appeal. 

The material from which your window treatments are created can also change the entire appearance of a room. There are natural materials like bamboo, rich woods for a cozy feel, aluminum for a contemporary splash and you can mix and match for just the right push and pull. For instance, say you have living space with wooden beams. Adding a sofa with softly textured pillows and blinds with modern metal slats can create a beautifully striking contrast.

And when you work with the window treatment design experts at Window Expressions, your interior design options increase ten-fold. You can custom create extra-long drapes which puddle on the floor in stunning elegance. Or mix layers – like sheers with drapes made of heavy, plush fabrics or pair curtains with wooden shutters – for added dimension. Window treatments, like thick slat louvres, can also add an architectural element and shades in different opacities can offer a multitude of natural lighting and ambience options.

To learn more, contact Window Expressions at 410-757-5200 to set up your free in-home consultation with one of our knowledgeable window treatment design specialists. 

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