Drapery Works Well As Window Treatment for Teens

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If you are the parent of a teenager, you know that your child’s rise with the sun attitude has been replaced with an “I may be dressed by noon,” mantra. And although it may be annoying and seem ridiculous, they have a perfectly good excuse. Research indicates that, while adults only need approximately eight hours of sleep, the typical teenager may be craving ten hours under comfy covers. This is due to the fact that, as the body goes through the array of changes that accompany the teenage years, it requires sleep to adjust.

That is just one of the reasons that drapery works well as a bedroom window treatment for teens. Drapes can keep the sunlight from filtering in during the hours when your teenager is catching up on much needed sleep.

Here’s another reason that drapes are an excellent window treatment option for teens. Just as your child’s sleep patterns change when they reach those teenage years, so will their color preferences. So it is very possible that your little girl, who used to twirl in a tutu and consistently impart her penchant for pink, may very likely develop an affinity for darker colors when she hits twelve. 

Consequently, you may find yourself in need of a room redesign more reflective of your teenager’s evolving personality. Black, grays and darker blues (fortunately sometimes pops of bold color are deemed “cool”) and combinations of darker colors with black and white or gray and white patterns are popular. 

Whatever you and your teenager are considering, Window Expressions – with hundreds of styles and textures – can help. Just call 410-757-5200 to schedule your free, personal consultation with a knowledgeable window treatment design expert.


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