Different Types of Windows

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Tall and skinny, round and protruding, pretty and little and huge, attention grabbing…windows are much like people, coming in all sorts of shapes and styles and requiring different fashions to highlight their best features!

There’s the bay window – with a large, central, fixed pane, flanked by thinner panes which open – offering a high amount of curb appeal and a somewhat high price tag. Bow windows are connected, curved windows offering a panoramic view. Bow windows are lovely for showcasing decorative items, growing plants and create a great space for entertaining. They are also on the higher end of the window price spectrum.

Double hung windows are a very popular window style because they can be opened from top or bottom for easy cleaning and versatile ventilation. They are widely manufactured so double hung windows also tend to be affordable. Single hung windows are similar, with a stationary top portion.

There are windows that slide on a track and casement windows, which open outward as you turn a crank and provide an excellent energy-efficient seal. Awning windows, with a crank and hinge at the top, open outward, providing a ventilation solution for wet climates and lower-level protection against intruders. Hopper windows open in the opposite direction, making them a common window choice for bathroom privacy.

Picture windows are large windows offering maximum natural lighting and open views. They are a simple design that lends itself to contemporary-style homes. The fact that they do not open makes them the most energy efficient windows, but they are only feasible in places where ventilation is unnecessary.

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