Times Are Tight

Stylish Hunter Douglas Drapery for contemporary interiors

From filling our tanks with fuel and our grocery carts with food, to insurances and college funds, everything we need and do seems to cost more these days…and many of us – whether it is because we now work from home, we are trying to save some dough or simply because enjoying the comforts of […]

Custom Made Draperies Just for You

Custom Made Draperies Just for You

Some of us like chocolate. Some like vanilla, but there is so much more to it than that…For instance, some of us like to jack up our trucks with huge tires sporting custom rims. While others may be more refined, preferring to add custom details to the sleek lines of a Maserati. When it comes […]

Air Quality: Keeping the Bad Air Out

Air Quality Keeping the Bad Air Out

Aside from accessorizing your home in style, window coverings can reduce your utility costs; and while they help to keep your comfortable, air conditioned air in and the sweltering heat and humidity outside (not to mention helping to keep your home nice and toasty when it is chilly out there), window coverings may also actually […]

Annapolis During the Holidays

pirouette shantung ballet 97857035

The first places we might associate with the holidays are New York City and its famous Rockets and the Rockefeller Square Christmas tree, but don’t count Annapolis out! Thanksgiving is just as cozy and Christmas shines just as bright in and around the beautiful and historic coastal town of Annapolis, Maryland during the holidays. Don’t […]

Window Treatments with Traditional Appeal

Window Treatments with Traditional Appeal

Tradition…Our ancient cities, some of the best recipes passed down from generation to generation and the sage wisdom of our grandparents and forefathers are all steeped in it. We dress for some of our most important meetings and days of our lives, such as our weddings, with tradition at the forefront of our minds; and […]

Extremely Adaptive

Extremely Adaptive

With things like soccer carpools and burning the midnight oil at work added to our regularly busy routines, our lives can get crazy at times – making it a struggle just to fit everything we need to get done into our days. That’s why things like our favorite dinner takeaway spot and instant access to […]

The Best Solution for Seniors

The Best Solution for Seniors

For a host of reasons, custom window coverings provided by Window Expression are an excellent solution for the senior population, an easy fix that can improve comfort and quality of life… Window Expressions is Annapolis’ trusted source for an enormous array of quality window covering options, reliably serving Annapolis, Arnold, Severna Park, Pasadena, Eastport, Crofton, […]

Show Stopping Window Covering Ideas!

Show Stopping Window Covering Ideas

You’ve probably noticed home interior design scene stealers, like gorgeous granite countertops or one-of-a-kind furniture finds, but the textures, colors and styles that window treatments possess can provide them with their own unique ability to steal the show. Take, for instance, café-style curtains, which adorn just the lower portions of window panes, leaving the view […]

Invite Some Shady Character Into Your Home…In a Good Way!

ROman Shades with a Child playing

Would you consider inviting some shady character into your home? You should! No, really. There’s a good way to do it and that is with Window Expressions custom tailored window shades. Custom shades provided through Window Expressions offer the perfect fit and finish to any room, they can be super affordable and they are absolutely […]

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