Are Drapes a Thing of the Past? Definitely Not!

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Often we find that custom blinds and shutters are the go-to window treatments of choice, but drapes offer their own fabulous dynamic. Nothing says warmth better than fabric drapes. Plus, drapes provide beauty, functionality and an excellent price tag!

Ah, the many advantages of drapes…let’s start with functionality. When your drapes are lined and closed they can block every bit of light from entering a room; and although blinds and shutters help with energy efficiency, drapes are the hero in that scenario – often blocking even twice as much heat or cooling losses or gains. 

Thinking you like your motorized shades and large drapes would be too much of a hassle to open and close by hand? Believe it or not, custom drapes can be motorized too! Have wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling or oversized glass doors that just don’t lend themselves well to blinds or shutters? Custom-made drapes are the solution!

Then there is the alluring appeal of drapes. Their classic design and the superior Window Expressions custom craftsmanship are always in style. Choose from a multitude of fabrics, from easy -care materials to natural fiber fabrics, or add texture with silks or linens. Innovative, new drapery fabrics are resistant to fading, possess blackout properties even without lining and can meet any budget.

Plus, if you can’t decide on blinds, shutters or drapes, simply opt for a delightful combination. Drapery over shutters or blinds offers a stylish one-two punch of unparalleled panache!

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