Add Warmth with Wooden Blinds

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There’s nothing like wood. The distinctive grain and rich depth of natural wood is hard to beat; and wood blinds and shutters can make living rooms cozy, dining rooms elegant, bedrooms private, offices stately and add just the right amount of sunshine to a cheery kitchen breakfast nook or provide a gorgeous, traditional appeal to boats or yachts.

Plus, when you purchase custom wood window treatments through Window Expressions, they can be tailored to fit any non-standard door or window, offering amazing versatility. Choose from floor to ceiling painted blinds or shutters for a modern touch, or café-style partial coverage wooden shutters. Hardwood shutters are crafted for maximum strength and durability and offer a large selection of stain and paint finishes from which to choose. Additionally, wooden shutters or blinds go with everything. You can even add curtains around your wooden window coverings for a delightful pop of color.

The same goes for composites, made from a blend of real wood and modern materials, to offer a beautiful finish which is difficult to discern from natural wood. Get this lovely shutter alternative in a water-resistant, UV-resistant, poly-satin finish that will never warp, peel, crack or discolor regardless of extreme heat or moisture – guaranteed!

Want to keep things environmentally-friendly? No problem! Window Expressions wooden blinds can also be custom crafted with conservation top of mind. Simply order wooden window coverings constructed of real wood from rapid growth trees.

Bring any room to life with custom wooden blinds or shutters from Window Expressions. Just call 410-757-5200 for your free, personal, in-home window treatment design consultation today!

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