Add Bold Colors and Interesting Textures to Your Home with Your Window Coverings

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As the famous artist Pablo Picasso was quoted, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.” Did you know that it is actually a proven fact that shades of red catch the eye and stimulate us, while blues and purples can be calming, even providing a certain harmonious effect. Yellow is known for being a cheerful mood enhancer. Variations on that theme…for instance, gold, can be very elegant; and if you’re going for glamor, shiny, metallic materials can provide that too.

You can also ramp up the visual interest in your interior design via texture. Use textures, like plush or woven fabrics for curtains and drapes, to add depth and dimension. Or lighten things up with ethereal sheers or virtually weightless cottons. Patterns and prints can add an element of visual texture and you can create a contemporary feel with the smooth, sleek surfaces of aluminum blinds. Prefer warm and cozy? Opt for the rougher, more organic texture of natural wood shutters.

As you can see, the right tactile experience and splashes of color can make your home more inviting. So, go ahead and add some texture with beautiful window treatments. A visually engaging space is a literal playground for the senses. Contact Window Expressions by calling 410-757-5200 for your free in-home window treatment consultation and play!

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