A Refreshing Way to Tour Annapolis!

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Annapolis is a beautiful historic seaport, offering cruise tours and water taxis to all who visit. Cruising through Annapolis by boat is a wonderfully refreshing outdoor way to tour. What better way to spend the day than with a light breeze blowing through your hair and the sun gently shining upon your face?

One of the most popular Annapolis cruises is the Fall Foliage Bay Lighthouse Tour, where passengers enjoy a spectacular view of fall foliage along the Annapolis waterfront and three Chesapeake Bay lighthouses. Or have a cocktail and enjoy music on the newest Annapolis cruise—a relaxing hour-long sunset cruise through Annapolis Harbor.

Do you like spooky stuff? Then, the Spirits and Spirits combined a cruise and walking tour of Annapolis, which was made just for you! On this delightful paranormal journey, your ghost guide will entertain you with ghost stories and pirate tales. At the same time, you cruise through haunted waterways and explore Annapolis’ enchanting historic district on foot. Or take a personal Annapolis water tour with your private micro-charter!

There are also several ways to view the United States Naval Academy along its banks: a six-mile historic cruise along the scenic Severn River, the narrated Annapolis Harbor Cruise, or the Spa Creek Tour, which also cruises through the residential section of Old Annapolis. Plus, you never have to worry about parking when you take a water taxi, which offers services throughout Annapolis Harbor, including Spa Creek and Back Creeks!

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