Hanging Curtains High

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We love to scale mountains, shoot rockets into space and metaphorically soar to new heights. Higher always seems to be better and that is also the case when it comes to curtains. Hanging curtains higher can create the illusion of a larger window and even make a small room appear bigger. 

Here’s how it works. Higher curtains draw your eye upward, giving the effect of a taller ceiling. According to Architectural Digest, you should hang curtains four to six inches above their frame. Just make certain that other uncovered windows in the room won’t uncover your secret or that you are not hanging your curtains so high that things end up looking awkward. At Windows Expression, your one stop for all window dressings in Annapolis, Maryland, our personal interior design will help you design your area so you don’t have to worry!

But hanging curtains wider than your windows can also help; creating the illusion of…you guessed it, a wider window. A good rule of thumb here is to use a rod that is eight to ten inches wider than your window and adjust your curtains accordingly. 

Even the length of your curtains can make a room feel bigger. Interior designers often hang curtains close to the ceiling and an inch from the floor or even allow them to puddle on the floor. 

Additionally, lighter fabrics and sheers can make a room feel airy and let in more light. Lighter fabric color choices and solids, as opposed to busier, more intricate patterns, can make the entire room seem larger.

Higher curtain height can also add privacy as well as more color and texture to your home. So, as Clint Eastwood fans might say, “Hang ‘Em High”! Contact Windows Expression for all your blinds, curtains, and shade needs, serving all of Annapolis, Maryland!

Gary Wells

Owner of Window Expressions, Annapolis' premier custom window treatment specialist. With years of of experience in the industry, Gary takes pride in his keen eye for design and his ability to transform clients' visions into reality. He finds joy in leading a local, family-owned business committed to putting the "custom" in customer service.

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